Elevation 6-String Stratocaster-Style Guitar (Modded)

6-string electric guitar by Elevation in stratocaster shape. 3 single-coil pickups, tremolo bridge and 9 gauge strings.

Has been modded with improved single-coil pickups by Warman (relatively high output, great for blues, hard rock and metal). Also has a new bridge that improves sustain as well as allows for dive bombing with a tremolo. Fitted with 9's (string gauge) they are light and well suited for E or D standard tuning or drop D. Just like a regulat strat the pickups are single-coil but can be used in humbucker mode by choosing the 2nd or 4th position on the 5-way switch which would be more suited for heavier playing styles.

This listing is ideal for someone who wants to start practicing guitar but does not want to commit to buying one yet. It's also great for someone who needs an emergency guitar for a gig or as a spare for alternate tunings between songs in the set list.

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