PRS SE 20 Half Stack

Plug into the two-channel PRS SE 20 tube amplifier head, and find out just how expressive and responsive a tube amp can really be. The 20 watt, 1 x 12" SE 20 sports 12AX7 preamp tubes and "JJ" 6V6 power tubes for beautifully natural tone. Both channels have plenty of gain on tap, for tones from squeaky clean to over the top distortion. But the real magic of the SE 20 is in its dynamic response - you can go from completely clean to raging hot just by turning your guitar's volume knob up. You may expect that from a tube amplifier, but the SE 20 does it smoother and with better note definition than many amps in its class. Even with heavily distorted six-string chords, the SE 20 gives you a responsive feel and excellent articulation and definition. If you want a highly versatile amp for practice or recording, you'll love the PRS SE 20 tube amplifier head.

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