Italia Imola 6 Semi-hollow, 6 pick-ups

Versatility is this guitar's middle name. The extreme pick-up configuration is only half the story here. This is a chambered semi-hollow Korina body with an acrylic finish, helping the guitar sustain like crazy. Locking tuners give you the ability to cut loose on the Wilkinson tremolo without knocking the strings out of whack (Elixir lights). Three pairs of hi-lo split pickups round out the tonal array. There are three 3-way sliding switches let you control the usage of each pair of pickups - for each pair, you can turn on only the low string, only the high strings, or both. (the middle switch is reversed to counteract humming, so switch all the way down plays the low strings and switch all the way up plays the high strings).

Using the 5-way flip switch, you can select which pair of pickups you want to have active, similar to a Strat arrangement - neck pick up alone, neck and middle pickups together, middle pickup alone, middle and bridge pickup together, or bridge pickup alone.

Rosewood fretboard brings warmth to the tonality and lends to the"blackout" look on this model. Combined with the pickup selections and the chambered body, this guitar is capable of covering a WIDE range of guitar styles.

Up until now, this guitar has only been used for studio work. I gig with acoustics, so this little beauty has yet to be turned loose on the world. This guitar is available with a strap and a case for protection. I will also consider sale offers.

Guitar Type:
Condition: Excellent
Right or Left Handed: Right