Infamous Chalktar! (Epiphone Les Paul)

When was the last time you got to draw whatever you wanted on your guitar? What? Never? Well, that ends the day you pick this one up!

This guitar has a storied past - an Ebay rip-off turned into a show-stopper. When I got this guitar, the carved top was smashed in and the electronics were rusted out. About a quart of Bondo and four hours of sanding later (yes, I said Bondo), the top was reshaped, and holes were drilled to set new pickups. Not just any pickups, these are Seymour Duncan Split P-Rails with Triple Shot Mounting Rings - go for a fat P90 sound or a crisp Rail (single coil) or combination thereof. And just for fun, I painted it in black chalkboard paint... so it's not just Gothic flat black - it's a gorram chalkboard!

One of the many advantages of having about 1/3 of the body rebuilt in Bondo is that this guitar will sustain forever. If it ever acts like it's going to stop, just bang on it.

I recently had the pickups rewired and cover plate was lost or broken or something - it came home without one. I will be looking for a new one but it's a little off kilter from a standard cover so it's been hard to find a replacement, but you know, it doesn't affect how the guitar sounds, and because it's on the back, it doesn't really affect how it looks either... in fact, you could think of it as having a certain degree of badassness... right?

Make no mistake - this is not a virtuosic instrument by any means - it was junk when I got it, it's still kinda junk. But it's cool junk. I've gigged with this guitar off and on for the last ten years and it is always a conversation starter. Last time around, I tuned it to open D and played it with a slide. The time before that, it was Drop D and we played Evanescence and Nine Inch Nails. It's loud and obnoxious, but you can draw daisies on it if you want. If you rent it for a show or a photo shoot and decide to decorate yourself, PLEASE TAKE A PHOTO and share it with me!

Guitar Type:
Condition: Good
Right or Left Handed: Right