Behringer V-Tone Guitar GDI21 Modeler/Direct In

Compact amp modeling and direct-in driver, all in one little blue box! Behringer's GDI21 includes 4 slider switches to control 1) AMP Models: Calif, Brit, Twed 2) MOD (distortion type) Hot, Hi G, Cln 3) MIC positions Off X, Cntr, Clsic; and one more switch for Ground loop lift. The box also includes knobs for adjusting Drive, Treble, Bass, and overall output Level of the pedal. It features a standard 1/4" jack input, with your choice of 1/4" out or XLR out.

This box comes with a 9v battery installed but will also run off almost any 9v negative tip adapter you might have laying around.

If you find yourself with a dead distortion, or you forgot a pedal, or you just need a DI box, this might get you through I've used this box as the DI for an acoustic guitar before too - I even used the level boost set to a clean sound for solos.

BONUS FEATURE: This box also features a wider, lower-profile button, so if you aren't cordless, your cord won't keep getting hung up on the button when you move around! The struggle is real!

Condition: Excellent