Behringer Ultracoustic AT108

Part-time practice amp, part-time DI box, part-time busker's essential, this little amp has a lot of capability in its little lightweight box.

The Ultracoustic AT108 features Behringer's Virtual Tube Circuitry, designed model tube amp circuits specially tuned for acoustic instruments - INCLUDING YOUR VOICE. Yes, if you are a singer-songwriter or other stand-alone singing performer, this amp will let you plug YOURSELF in along with the guitar. There's also an extra 1/4" audio input to allow you to feed tracks or audio from a CD player, etc, into the amp along with your instrument(s).

Not only that, using the headphone out you can utilize the AT108 as a DI box/pre-amp for your acoustic guitar.

Ultimately, this is a very lightweight 15-watt amp specifically created for acoustic instruments, and it delivers rich sound via 1/4" and/or XLR. It's a busker's tool that can also be utilized for practice alone or with a full band.

Condition: Excellent