Full PA System

Full PA System available for rental in Boston!

If you don't get a response within 12hrs, please feel free to giver us a call or email us at booking@therecordco.org. We're trying something new here, so this rental is still in a beta phase. Please bear with us while we get up and running!

-The Record Co.


Items Included:

-2x Samson RSX112a Speakers 
-2x Samson Subwoofers

-4x Ratchet Straps (for securing speakers to cart during transport)

-2x Speaker Stands 

-2x Speaker mounts for subs

-1x Samson L2000 mixing board
-7x IEC cables
-2x Extension cables
-2x Power Strips
-15x XLRs (6x for Mains/Monitors, 9x for stage)
    -2x XLRm-TRS cable/adapter  (not pictured)
-4x Samson Q8 mics 
-Audix kit (D6, i5, 2x D2, D4) with clips
-4x Audix drum clamps
-4x Mic stands
-4x Behringer DIs
    -1x 12 channel snake (not pictured)
Condition: Excellent