Laney VC30-112 Combo with FS2 Footswitch

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Laney VC30 112. All of our amplifiers are tested and serviced by a Factory Authorized Laney Repair Facility. Tubes tested perfectly, speaker tested perfectly, all controls work as they should. A few minor blemishes in the tolex.


Superb British Class A tone with a pedigree straight from the '60s.

The Laney VC30 tube guitar combo amplifier features a single channel with footswitchable gain, with its own level control, 3-band EQ and a bright switch. The VC30 range of combo amps offers classic British Class A tone in a variety of speaker options. If you're looking for that elusive living tone then look no further than the Laney VC30. The VC30-112 houses a 12" custom designed 35-watt driver.

The VC30 generates very little cross over distortion because it runs in pure class A mode”its valves are always hot and ready to roll, which gives it that unmistakable class A sound and feel. If you've never experienced that level of connection between a player an amp and a tone then you've never tried a VC30.

To complement the VC30 range of amplifier there are a range of dedicated extension cabinets in a couple of differing speaker options to give the player the opportunity to mix and match speaker complement to get that ultimate classic tones.


Power RMS: 30 Watts

Inputs: Hi & Lo Jacks

Channels: 2

Equalisation: Bass, Middle, Treble

Bright Switch: Yes, On Clean Channel

Preamp Valves: Premium ECC83

Output Valves: Premium EL84

Class: Class A

Reverb: Yes

Footswitch: FS2 (Not included)

Speaker connections: Jack

FX Loop(s): Yes

Impedance: Minimum 4 ohms

Drivers: 1 x 12" Celestion 70 Eighty


Weight: 22.2 Kg

Dimensions (mm): 559 x 250 x 420

Condition: Excellent