Laney IRT30-112

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We have the largest selection of Laney Amps in Northern NJ.

Laney IRT30 112 NOS just serviced at TSI in Midland Park NJ. TSI are a factory authorized Laney service facility. These amps go from extremely clean to face melting gain. Sized perfectly for easy transporting to a gig.


A versatile 1x12" combo with some high-end features.

The IRT30-112 features the same channel and tube compliment as the bigger Ironheart models and growls with 30W RMS of monster clean, rhythm and lead tones.

It features a fully balanced and selectable (dry guitar/amped) DI. It takes its source after the output section - with cabinet emulation. This means you get your whole tone at the DI, a feature only previously available on super-high-end, custom-built guitar rigs.

Footswitch included.


Power: 30W (tube)
Attenuation down to <1W
Tubes: four 12AX7 (preamp); two 6L6 (power amp)
Three channels
Speaker: 1x12" HH custom design
Controls: 3-band EQ, push-pull EQ shift, presence, volume, pre-boost, gain, dynamics, tone, reverb
Built-in digital reverb
FX loop
Impedance: 8 ohm
Footswitch included

Condition: Excellent