Laney Lonheart LT212 60W 2x12 Guitar Extension Cabinet Blue Tolex

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Perfect working condition minor scuffs on tolex and or seam separation on tolex.

From Laney

The ultimate cab to match with your Lionheart amp.

If you have the Laney L20H, you won't want to compromise that great Class A tone by using any old cabinet. Instead, why not get the matching Laney LT212 cabinet? Featuring 2x12" Celestion Heritage G12H Drivers and closed back construction, this cab gives thick, deep tones with growling bottom end power. This stylish and great sounding cab also features a folding tilt mechanism for optimum sound projection. Each LT212 features a hand stamped 'build number' in the order they come off the Laney production line, and comes with a custom made 'Lionheart' dust cover.

Lionheart represents everything learned through 40 years of Laney tube heritage, distilled into a single amplifier range. Designed to deliver the ultimate tone of a tube being pushed hard - warm and expressive, at an output level that can be used in everyday environments.

Power RMS: 60W
Inputs: 2x Jack
Drivers: 2x 12" Celestion Heritage G12H
Baffle: Marine Grade Plywood
Cabinet Design: Marine Grade Plywood cabinet, Leather strap handle, Folding Tilt mechanism for optimum sound projection
Weight: 19 Kg
Dimensions (mm): 676 x 320 x 452

Condition: Excellent