Free the Tone Gigs Boson Overdrive

If you are looking for some amazing gear right here in Kansas City / Overland Park, look no further. This post is for a mint Free the Tone Gigs Boson overdrive with velcro on bottom. This pedal serves really well as a gain stage on any board with warm overdriven tones all the way to full distortion territory.

There are many overdrive pedals on the market but Free The Tone set out to make an overdrive pedal that would become a reference for great tone. The player’s ideal overdrive pedal is smooth, warm, creamy and harmonically rich, with tons of sustain. The Gigs Boson has all those things in spades. The origin of the name “Gigs Boson” came from the Higgs Boson particle. The discovery of this particle could be the first step in elucidating the structure of the universe. I'm confident that this overdrive pedal will become your first step into discovering a world of new tones.

Do you feel like trying out a new drive next Sunday morning? Try before you buy or just rent out this Free the Tone drive for a special event.

Condition: Excellent