Boss ME-25


The Boss ME-25 multi-effects pedal provides a collection of additional sounds and features over the previous ME unit at the same price. This Boss guitar pedal includes a completely redesigned operating system which allows the entire product to operate in "EZ-Tone" mode, making the Boss ME-25 simple to use. There are added effects, COSM amp models, and a USB port for direct connection to computers. The ME-25 effects pedal is bundled with Cakewalk Sonar 8 LE and a DVD providing over one hundred audio loops that can be imported into Sonar for jamming or practice. The Boss ME-25's 60 onboard programs are organized into a Sound Library, which enables all the onboard tones to be selected simply by type. This built-in sound library gives you instant access to dozens of classic and modern effects. Simply choose a category, select a variation and play. You can customize your sound with simple twists of the Drive, Tone, and Volume knobs.

COSM (Composite Object Sound Modeling)

Composite Object Sound Modeling-or "COSM" for short-is Boss/Roland's innovative and powerful technology that's used to digitally recreate the sound of classic musical instruments and effects. COSM analyzes the many factors that make up the original sound-including its electrical and physical characteristics-and creates a digital model that accurately reproduces the original.


New super easy operating system

Three pedals plus EXP pedal: Memory Up, Down, Solo

Three knobs for real time control and editing.

"Sound Library" organized by type: Clean, Crunch, Rhythm, etc. Ten variations within each type

Seven effects groups: Comp/FX, OD/DS, Preamp, Modulation, Delay, Reverb, Pedal FX

Powerful COSM amp models and effects onboard, from classic to contemporary

Super simple user-friendly interface

Sound Library provides extensive collection of ready-to-use tones; simply choose a category and select a variation

Sounds can be instantly edited with the Drive, Tone, Level knobs and Expression pedal

Super Stack adds immensely heavy low end and punch

Phrase Loop function with 38 seconds of recording time

Functions as a USB audio interface

Built-in AUX input for jamming along with external music devices (MP3/CD players, etc.)

Runs on six AA batteries or AC adaptor

Includes Cakewalk SONAR 8.5 LE software and dozens of audio loops, rhythms and songs for jamming or practice

Free downloadable Librarian software


AD Conversion 24-bit + AF method*1

DA Conversion 24-bit Sampling Frequency 44.1 kHz

Memory 60

Sound Library 60

Sound Library Category clean, crunch, drive, heavy, lead, extreme

Effect Type comp/FX (Compressor/Effect): comp, T.wah, AC sim, OD/DS (Overdrive/Distortion): boost, OD-1, t-scream, blues, dist, classic, modern, metal, core, fuzz, preamp: clean, twin, tweed, VO drive, BG lead, MS vintage, MS modern, 5150 drive, r-fier, ultra metal, modulation: chorus, phaser, flanger, rotary, uni-v, tremolo, harmonist, octave, delay: 1-99ms, 100-990ms, 1000-6000ms, tap, REVERB: room, hall, pedal

FX (Pedal Effect): wah, +1 octave, -1 octave, freeze, NS (Noise Suppressor)

Nominal Input

Level input: -10 dBu, AUX IN: -18 dBu

Input Impedance INPUT: 1M, AUX IN: 22k

Nominal Output Level -10 dBu

Output Impedance 2k

Display 7 segments, 2 digits LED

Power Supply DC 9 V Dry Batteries (R6/LR6 (AA) type) x 6, AC Adapter (BOSS PSA-Series: sold separately)


Draw 150 mA

Expected battery life under continuous use Alkaline: 9 hours, Carbon: 3 hours (These figures will vary depending on the actual conditions of use.)

Dimensions: 11-13/16"W x 7-9/16"D x 2-7/8"H

Maximum: 11-13/16"W x 7-9/16"D x 3-11/16"H

Weight: 4 lb. 4 oz (including batteries)

Accessories: Owner's Manual, ME-25 DVD-ROM, Sound Library/Memory List (Leaflet), Sound Library Sticker, Dry Batteries (Alkaline: LR6 (AA) type) x 6, Roland Service (Information Sheet)

Options AC Adapter Boss PSA-Series