JBL LSR 308(pair)

Next-generation JBL transducers for optimized transient response and enhanced linearity

Boundary EQ settings compensate for environmentally induced low-frequency anomalies

Patented Image Control Waveguide for detailed imaging and a wide, room-friendly sweet spot

Patented Slip Stream low-frequency port for superior bass performance at all playback levels

Integrated custom Class D amplifiers deliver 112 watts (LF: 56W; HF: 56W) of power for high output and dynamic range

Frequency response (±3dB): 45Hz–20kHz
HF Trim switch adjusts high-frequency output to accommodate room acoustics or personal preferences

Flexible connectivity with balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS inputs, +4dBu/–10dBV input-sensitivity switch, and volume control
Engineered to JBL Linear Spatial Reference design criteria for outstanding accuracy in any acoustical environment.