Redwood 6-String Electric Guitar (Modded)

6-string electric guitar by Redwood. 2 humbuckers and 1 single-coil pickup, tremolo bridge and d'Addario 10 gauge strings.

The bridge and neck pickups are the Warman Dominator and Warman Twin-Loco respectively, both are high-output humbuckers great for playing metal and other heavy genres. Middle pickup is the stock single-coil that came in the guitar when bought, lower output so better suited for calmer sections or blues though some volume adjustments may be needed so not really ideal for gigs but should be fine.

Fitted with medium 10-gauge strings by d'Addario they are good for standard/down tuning so are capable of most genres but are more intended for metal. Purple-black gloss finish looks awesome (in my opinion) and would look great on stage at a gig. Fretboard dot inlays and neck dots are clear and should be visible even on a dark stage with lights pointed directly into your face.

This listing is more suited for those needing an emergency guitar for a gig or for a backup guitar intended for alternative tunings for songs within the set list. Can be used as a practice guitar but I would suggest my other, cheaper listing for that.

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