Marshall Valvestate 100V Model 8100 100 Watt

An 100 Watt Marshall Valvestate Head. Model 8100.

It has two outputs on the back rated at 4 Ohms minimum. It can of course drive cabs with both 8 and 16 Ohms of resistance however power will be down a bit. Not that that is any concern as this amp is well... Loud.

It has 4 modes, on the 'normal' channel there is a selection of Clean and Crunch. On the 'boost' channel there is a selection of OD 1 and OD 2. OD 2 being of a bit more gain. Speaking of gain, while most amps go to 10 or sometimes 11. Gain on the Boost channel goes from 0 to 20.

For the other controls refer to the pictures.

The amp has a mono FX loop with a 20 dB pad function and a wet/dry knob. It has a reverb tank built in. Reverb is active on whichever channel is active.

This amp uses a tube in the pre-amp section. The rest of the amp is all solid state.

This type of amp was used by Chuck Schuldiner from Death.

The amp currently comes without a footswitch. Also no cab is included.

It should go without saying, but better safe then sorry. Do not turn on the amp without a cab or loadbox connected to it.