Orignal Marshall 2204 50W Master Volume - The sound of 1975

(Images on their way)
If you've got some dirty deeds or are on a highway to hell, this is the sound of that classic 70s aussie rock sound from the Young brothers.

Forget amp modeling. This is real !

An original 1975 Marshall 2204 Master Volume with a factory JCM 800 high gain mod, with the extra gain stage when plugged into high gain, and a classic JMP sound in the low gain.

Recently refurbished with new power supply and signal caps, hand selected preamp tubes, a set of Mullard output tubes, and a mod to the output to extend the low end cut off by half an octave to extend the lower end response for dropped tuning, this thing is a beast.

Everyone I have had play through it have a grin from ear to ear when they hear what it does

I usually only hire my gear to recording studios in the greater Sydney region, but hit me up if you are interested, or are after something I don't have listed.

Delivery available. Contact me for a quote