Bugera 6262 - EVH 5150 / Peavey 6502 clone

(Images on their way)

The sound of Eddie Van Halen and his crazy high gain amp sound that inspired a slew of guitarists that play way better than I ever will be able to.....that's OK, I'll stick to bass....comes to you in the Bugera 6262

Forget amp modeling. This is real !

Perfect for anything from hard rock, punk or grunge to full tilt dropped tune metal, this amp has all the gain you need and responds surprisingly well to single coil pickups as well as humbuckers.

Recently refurbished with new hand selected preamp tubes, a set of Electro Harmonix 6L6 output tubes, and a mod to tame the gainy grainy fizz in the high gain channel, a common problem in the 5150 design, and allow a more gradual breakup and a usable gain over the entire range...all the way to 11.

The crunch on the clean channel works a treat with a modern overdrive sound that can be pushed hard. Don't ask me about the cleans, its a 5150 clone ! Get a Fender if you want cleans

This is the old, manual bias model, with all tube signal path thats relay switched between the channels. Solid state buffering in the effects loop protects your pedals from any stray high voltages, and is bypassed when the effects loop is not in use. The reverb is solid state and is OK, but I would always record this amp dry

I usually only hire my gear to recording studios in the greater Sydney region, but hit me up if you are interested, or are after something I don't have listed.