Pair of sE Electronics VR2 Ribbon mics

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The VR2 Active ribbon mic from sE Electronics, is their premium active extended range active ribbon one step below the Rupert Neve designed RM1

This is for a pair of VR2 mics

The sE VR2 is a full range active ribbon. Using their patented ribbon design and with a matched active prreamp, you have the unrivaled smoothness of a ribbon from 20Hz to 18KHz with the higher output avoiding the need for an expensive low noise high gain preamp.

With a convetional figure 8 pattern, these are perfect as a room mic, overheads on a drum kit, or on a violin, viola or cello. I use a pair of these in a Blumlin pair to record rehearsals giving excelent stereo imaging.

sE Electronics mics are not your typical Chinese copy that you see on Alibaba, but their own unique designs manufactured in their own factory.

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