JTS NX series drum mic kit - Voiced between Shure SM & Beta

Images and description on the way. Plenty of other gear not yet listed

Voiced between a Shure SM series and the Shure Beta series without the nasty presence bump the Betas have, but a more extended range than the SM series, they have been a mainstay for me in both the old studio and as live mics.

JTS NX mics are one of the secrets I am so pleased to discover over 10 years ago. These things are major value for money. The NX Series are the top of the range at JTS. I was told that they used to manufacture mic capsules for Shure. Not too sure about that, but every time I replace an SM58 with an NX8 in a live setting, the singer prefers the sound

The kit comes with an NX-2 kick mic (Shure 52 style) 4 x NX-6 (Sure 56 style) short body drum mics, an NX7 (Shure 57 style) and a pair of NX-9 active small diameter condensers (Shure 81 style)

I have used these on drum kits, guitar cabinets, close mic hats, brass, and as room recording mics for rehearsals...that was until I got my VR2 ribbons.

Grab these for close micing and throw a pair of my ribbons or LDCs as overheads on a kit and you'll have yourself one hell of a monster set of drum tracks.

Hit me up if you need extra leads and stands. I have extras of each of these mics, so if you want to do a double kick kit with 8 toms I could probably oblige

I usually only hire my gear to recording studios in the greater Sydney region, but hit me up if you are interested, or are after something I don't have listed.

Delivery available. Contact me for a quote