Line 6 Variax Standard in Sunburst, w/cables and battery

This isn't just one guitar... it's EVERY guitar. This 2017 Line 6 Variax modeling guitar gives any player a quick and easy way to totally change the kind of guitar sound they produce without changing the guitar in their hands. This saves loads of time by eliminating guitar swapping and re-tuning!

Unlike earlier Variax models, you can play an entire day on one battery charge. Alternatively, if you happen to be playing through a Line 6 effect board that supports the Variax guitar (has a Cat 5 looking cable input), the effect unit can also power this guitar. I know that the Firehawk and Helix support this function, not sure about other Line 6 products, as those are the only two I've used first-hand.

Here's where this guitar gets really intriguing - the guitar comes with over a dozen brand name guitar sounds you can't usually get your hands on - built in! ACTUAL SAMPLES from some of the most exclusive vintage guitars in existence. This is a cool story on its own but I'll just list some of the guitars modeled:

a 1960 Tele Custom

a 1959 Strat

a 1959 Les Paul Standard

a 1955 Les Paul Special

a 1959 Gretsch 6120 hollow body

a 1956 Gretsch Duo Jet

a 1966 Rickenbacker 370, the 6- AND 12-string models

a 1961 Gibson ES-335 hollow body

a 1953 Gibson Super 400 hollow body

a 1954 Gibson ES-175 Jazz guitar

a 1959 Martin D-28 acoustic

a 1967 Martin O-18 acoustic

a 1966 Guild F212 12-string acoustic

a 1995 Gibson J-200 acoustic

a Coral Sitar

a Gibson Mastertone Banjo

a 1928 National Tritone Resonator

It gets better... the OTHER knob lets you choose from ELEVEN TUNINGS!

1) Standard

2) Drop D

3) 1/2 Down

4) Drop Db

5) 1 Down

6) DADGad

7) Open D

8) Blues G

9) Reso G

10) Open A

11) Baritone

If you are the adventurous sort, you can also use the included cables to hook this guitar up to a computer via USB, and using the free Variax Workbench software, BUILD YOUR OWN SOUNDS! If you need some weird tuning, fine, set it up in the software and store it on one of the CUSTOM knob positions. I've used the custom settings to set up a 12-string tuned to DAEAae just to play one Goo Goo Dolls song the right way. I also used one of the custom slots for a makeshift bouzouki that I built by adding "chime" to a banjo and then adding a custom tuning.

But far and away the most useful feature to the "normal" guitar player is this guitar's ability to go instantly to Drop D or tune a step down double humbucker for heavy rock then flip up to DADGad acoustic for neofolk music and back to a Standard tuned Tele sound for country music, without you ever touching a tuner r swapping a guitar. Exceptionally useful for recording sessions as well!

This guitar is available to rent including a guitar strap, a charged battery, the charger (just in case you need it), and the cables necessary to hook it up to USB or a Line 6 modeling floor unit. If you happen to fall in love with it, I might be talked out of it...

Guitar Type:
Condition: Excellent
Right or Left Handed: Right