Mesa Boogie Lonestar v2 + Cab

Mesa Boogie Lonestar v2 + footswitch, with 2x12 open-back cab, loaded with Tone Tubby ceramic speakers. Available to rent!

If you've never thought about a Mesa Lonestar, here's how I'd describe it -- a warmer Fender Twin but with delicious overdriven tones on tap, too. Think Andy Timmons.

Can be run at 100w, 50w, or 10w. The 10w option is class A, too, and you can run a silicone diode rectifier or tube rectifier. The cab can handle the full 100 watts.

Two channels -- clean and overdrive, and an on-board volume boost solo. The amp can run on 6L6 or EL34 tubes, and I have a full set of both available. Just let me know your preference, and I'll make sure they're in the amp when you come to pick it up.

Thanks for looking!



Condition: Good