Gibson Les Paul w/Split Coil Technology

This is a flawless Honeyburst Gibson Les Paul that has a wide range of tones. Right now I haven't been playing it much, but it deserves to be played. This Gibson uses split coil technology. This means that either the bridge, neck, or both pickups can be split to use just one coil (like your typical fender electrics). This gives a slightly brighter tone. You can still also use the typical Gibson humbucker-sound as well if you appreciate that classic beefy, thick, Gibson tone :)

I personally love splitting the bridge pickup while keeping the full humbucker sound for my neck pickup. It's divine. This guitar was meant to be enjoyed. It feels like a neglected step-just sitting in its case all the time. Show it some love!

Guitar Type:
Condition: Excellent
Right or Left Handed: Right