Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 112 tube combo amp

Recently professionally serviced and good condition Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 112 tube combo amp with original Marshall footswitch.

I had a new pair of JJ EL34 power amp output tubes replaced and a bias drift issue corrected by NDS Music Repair. Also has four (I believe original) 12AX7s preamp tubes & the phase inverter tube

This is loud as hell! It also has a 25 watt output mode that you can use. This runs with a slight hum, so it’s not studio quality.

Made in the UK, this has 3 channels (clean, lead and crunch), each with controls for gain, volume, treble, mid, bass, reverb and presence. Has two different 12″ speaker types - (a Marshall/Celestion Vintage and a Marshall/Celestion Heritage) and emulated line out port and 2 effects send/return loops.

Condition: Good