Laney IRTX 200W Expansion Cabinet

Moe's Guitars, Our philosophy: If we wouldn't play it, we wouldn't rent it; it's that simple.

In a nutshell I'll explain what the Laney IRTX does to your sound. It makes it Bigger, not louder, but Bigger! Very much as if you are through a PA System. Reminiscent of Johnny Winter's Captured Live Thickness versus Floyd Radfords thinness.

Use one and you have 108 degrees of sound. Use 2 and you have 360 degrees of sound.

The IRTX has Vol,Treble and Bass controls for your amp in, but here is where it gets Super Cool. Run your effect board into the IRTX send and return then you can control the amount of effect Volume you want with a seperate volume for the Effect Loop. The effects loop volume works independently from the amp volume in, so you can blend them.

The COOLEST Gear for the YEAR in my books.

NOS in Factory Packaging. More Power, Punch & Dynamics.

The IRT-X is not an extension cabinet it is an EXPANSION CABINET. Take your set-up – your guitar, your amp, your effects and add an IRT-X 200-watt EXPANSION cab and get more of your tone, whatever your tone is. Use a vintage amp with no effects loop – use the IRT-X’s stereo effects loop to add effect post output section. Love your small tube amp tone - take it to a big gig, plug it into an IRT-X and have a HUGE sound from a small package - even better - run a Wet/Dry/Wet system with 2 x IRT-X and EXPAND your volume and dynamics and spread your wonderful tone around the whole stage.

Got a modelling set-up: Kemper, Helix, Fractal, etc.? Get an IRT-

Condition: Excellent