Elan MK5 Dino All Tube Preamp Pedal Rental

The feel and sound of a real tube amp directly from your pedal board. The Elan MK5 “Dino” electronics circuits are based on the Metalhead famous amp modification developed years ago by Elan Memran and being used by many famous guitar players world wide. The Elan’s Marshall modifications is the sound Dino Cazares uses on many famous Fear Factory albums.
NO STARVED 12AX7 TUBE PLATE INSIDE! – The Elan MK5 circuit perform exactly like the full-size tube amplifiers with 12AX7 plate high voltage of over 350VDC.
Featues 3 12AX7 Tubes. Bass, Mid, and Treble controls. Gain control. Master volume. Noise-gate built-in. Detachable footswitch. Real through bypass. Lightweight about- 2 Lb! Small size 7.5″ X 3.5″ (18X9 cm). Universal 100-240V 15VDC for worldwide use.


Condition: Excellent