Lovepedal Purple Plexi Overdrive Pedal Rental

This unit is VERY dynamic, touch-sensitive Plexi tone in a box! Between a broken up JTM45 to as gainy as an early 80’s JCM800. Complete with that mid-range attack that we all know and love. The Drive control will take you tone through many Plexi era characteristics and is also very responsive to the controls on your guitar. As you advance the DRIVE control this unit will morph into different Plexi era characteristics.. At the bottom of the sweep a nice JTM45 ish tone is present, roll back your volume knob on the guitar and the clipping goes away, just like the real thing! Advance the TONE control while turning up the DRIVE and all of a sudden you are in 68 PLEXI 100 land.. FULL ON JCM 800 ROAR when dimed! And it still cleans up via pick attack and volume control at the guitar with humbuckers or single coils! This is one wicked pedal and has a uniquely modified mid range bark to it. I highly recommend this unit to anyone looking for that HUGE, high gain, rippin, PLEXI tone that actually cleans up like the real deal.

Condition: Excellent