Has been in my office and home since I bought it.
Amazing amp....Tubes rock.

The PRS Paul Reed Smith SE 20 Guitar Combo Amplifier packs 20 watts of boutique-style tone at a fantastic price! The SE 20 is a closed-back 1x12 combo powered by a pair of 6V6 tubes for a wide variety of classic tones perfect for stage and studio use. PRS designed the clean channel to deliver an array of tones from crystalline clean to light overdrive crunch, and the lead channel to yield warm distortion and plenty of overdrive. The Paul Reed Smith SE 20 amp is perfect whether you’re recording, practicing, or gigging.

As with all PRS SE amps, the SE20 combo features 2 channels with separate EQ, an effects loop, reverb, a 0.090 aluminum chassis, a high-end ‘on-on-on’ selector switch, custom wound transformers, a custom-voiced PRS/Eminence speaker, and even custom knobs.

PRS Paul Reed Smith SE 20 Guitar Combo Amplifier Features

20 watts
12-inch PRS/Eminence designed custom-voiced speaker
2 ‘JJ’ 6V6 Tubes
12AX7 Preamp Tubes - Clean and Lead Channel Preamp
12AT7 Preamp Tubes - Loop, Reverb and Phase Inverter
2 Channels (Lead and Clean)
Lead and Clean Master Volume Controls
Global Reverb
Independent Volume, Treble, Mid, and Bass Controls and Bright Switch for each Channel
Effects Loop with Line or Pedal Level Selector Switch
Fixed Bias with Test Jacks and Adjustment Pot
4, 8, 16 Ohm Selection with Two Output Jacks

This thing rocks. It is to large and heavy for me anymore.

Condition: Excellent